Logo Contest for CIPA2021

In times of the global coronavirus crisis, schools have delayed the new semester several times to reduce virus infections, while parents remain thankful for time together while juggling work and education. While it may feel as a burden to live everyday in the same (small) space, we see it as an opportunity to redirect your mind and to spend your time and energy on something creative. The CIPA2021 Logo Competition is officially launched. Here, your mind is free, and you can enjoy creating your own original work of art!

Some of you may wonder what the word “CIPA” really means? According to China’s largest online search engine Baidu, CIPA could be everything: a camera and imaging products association, an industrial association, or a chartered institute of patent attorneys. The one thing we can tell you for sure is that CIPA is the most authoritative, active, and influential organization in the field of cultural heritage protection and digitalization. But what is the origin of the name CIPA? The full name of this organization is in fact CIPA Heritage Documentation, jointly founded by ICOMOS and ISPRS under another name in 1968.

What CIPA does: CIPA hosts and supports a series of professional activities around the world, including international training (CIPA summer school), academic publishing (included in ISPRS database), and industry communication, among which the international biennial congress is the most important and influential event. CIPA has organized 27 sessions in 25 cities in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Africa (21 in Europe, 3 in Asia, 1 in South America, 1 in North America, and 1 in Africa). The next 28th international symposium (CIPA2021) will be held in Beijing in August 2021. This is also the first time in its history that a CIPA symposium will be held in Mainland China.

The theme of CIPA2021 is ” Great Learning & Digital Emotion.” The first term “Great Learning” is a pun. It is not only the name of one of the authoritative Confucianism texts (the so-called Four Books and Five Classics) compiled before 300 BCE. It also refers to the modern computing concepts of systematic learning and big data. The phrase “Digital Emotion” describes the dynamic audience response to digital emotional triggers and the strengthening of the relationship between the public and cultural heritage through integration of technology and humanity. The theme covers many different sub fields, such as cultural heritage information, heritage digital information processing and management, heritage display and dissemination, heritage innovation and utilization, and public participation in heritage protection.

Exciting development awaits as CIPA and the Chinese culture integrates for the first time. There are no limits to the imagination. The best way to visualize this exciting development is to design a new symposium logo. The CIPA 2021 logo should combine the essence of CIPA’s digital approach to heritage documentation with the cultural heritage value of the hosting city (Beijing, China).


But how can the CIPA 2021 logo capture the characteristics of Beijing? Through focusing on a single element? Or through creative combination of several elements? What kind of architecture can best represent the city of Beijing? We cannot provide an answer to these questions yet. After all, this is a call for the logo design contest, serving as a starter for your inspiration and planning for the enlightening logo design!

Your design should embody the symposium’s theme and highlighting the different disciplines with future outlook with the element of traditional Chinese culture. It should also have a certain continuity with the logo design of previous CIPA symposia, while reflecting the local characteristics of Beijing. Additionally, you should also include a short write up explaining your work, it should abide by the relevant policies of CIPA and Chinese domestic cultural heritage, integrate Chinese and international styles, and contribute to the marketing and promotion of CIPA2021!


1. Entries must be submitted as 2Dgraphic design drawing and possible application drawing/materials in JPG format, with a resolution of no less than 300 DPI and a size of no less than 10 M foreach drawing.

2. The design specification must be submitted at the same time, including design concept statement, creative story scheme, and adaptive application plan (no less than 500 words).

3. Please send your application together with the contact form to cipa2021@thid.cn. The file must be named “CIPA2021 Logo+ participant(s) name + affiliated institution(s)”. (Please click on the link to download the application contact form; the extraction code is: 2c43)


Outstanding submissions will be awarded mysterious gifts (provided by Tsinghua University, ICOMOS China, Beijing Tsinghua Heritage Institute for Digitization, and Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture). The winning design will be displayed during the symposium and included in the CIPA congress history. All entries will be put to a public online vote that decides the winning logo.


                                                                                                                      CIPA2021 Organization Committee